How To Dress Just Like Kurt Cobain. The Extensive Guide.

With Kurt’s presence only gracing us for a handful of years, his image is etched in to our minds.

The grunge scene brought with it flannel shirts and stonewashed denim but Kurt wore some iconic pieces that will forever be associated with him.

Here’s how to dress like Kurt Cobain and where you can get the exact or very close to items of clothing he wore.

Kurt Cobain’s Height & Weight

Kurt had a very small frame which he was fully aware of and insecure about. This meant that he wore layers and baggy clothing ( although this was a 90s style ) to add size to his appearance.

With that being said though, Kurt was certainly not afraid to wearing a dress or two.

Kurt was 175cm tall, which is 5ft7.5 and weighed around 130lbs.

You can see in the homemade videos of Kurt and Courtney in the bathroom together that Kurt had next to no body fat on him.

This why you’ll see him wearing big coats and t shirts under sweaters covered with jackets, to gain size.

There’s no rhyme or reason to Kurt’s ensembles and maybe that was what he was going for. I’d like to think he wore what he liked.

Kurt’s shoulder length bleach blonde hair is what we’ll fondly remember him by but there was a dash of pink and a time he chopped it all off.

Let’s start at the top

Kurt Cobain’s Sunglasses

You can get those white frame goggle eyed sunglasses for around a buck on eBay but what are the sunglasses that Kurt Cobain wore in the famous pic with leopard print coat and flying hat?

Kurt Cobain’s glasses were Christian Roth Series 6558.

Roth reissued these in 2017 if you want a proper pair.

Kurt’s Jackets, Coats and Cardigans

A rather dapper looking Kurt, he wore this long brown leather jacket at Nirvana’s 1991 Reading performance. Most likely picked up at a thrift store, I see these in them all the time.

Stay away from “Retro” shops as you’ll end up paying a premium. Head to your local thrift stores or charity chops and you’re bound to find one of these.

Don’t forget to check in the women’s section.

We have Jesse Frohman to thank for this iconic shot of Kurt in a lairy leopard print coat, mostly likely a women’s coat.

I found this Long Leopard Coat on eBay that wasn’t too far from the one Kurt wore.

Kurt Cobain Halloween Costume

Leopard print coat, flying cap with the white sunglasses and some stonewashed denim jeans, finished off with a pair of black converse and you’ll be dead famous.


Kurt’s T Shirt’s